php Functions Test Page:Product being tested: Reindeer Club

 Pricing Overview Table
  Regular Season High Season Holiday Season

Dec 7-19
Jan 5-16
Jan 21-Feb 6
Feb 23-28
April 6-20

Dec 20-25
Jan 17-20
Feb 7-12
March 1-7

Dec 26 - Jan 4
Feb 13-22
March 8 - April 5

Reindeer Club: NO lift ticket $365 $420 $440
Reindeer Club: WITH lift ticket $485 $540 $560
Lift ticket add-on: $120 + tax 
Cancellation Fee $125

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PHP Function Test: Program Summary

Summary: Taught by enthusiastic ski instructors, lessons are designed to ensure that each child receives personal instruction, supervision and has fun with their peer group. From visiting outdoor adventure features where friendly animal mascots share the secrets of ski safety, fun and learning to scavenger hunts, fun races and obstacle courses, children will enjoy a day that is packed with non-stop fun and includes activities like hot cocoa breaks and snow cone parties.

  • Student/Instructor ratio: 4:1
  • Lunch and snack included
  • Discounted lift ticket available

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 PHP Function Test: Snack Break

Reindeer Club: Children's Center Reindeer Room, SNO, or Silver Lake Lodge, or Empire Lodge, upper floor depending on ability zone

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 PHP Function Test: Age Requirement

Reindeer Club Age: 5 - 6
Exceptions: Must be willing to ski

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 PHP Function Test: Additional Ski Time
PHP Function Test: SSV Lift Ticket Option
Reindeer Club: WITH lift ticket $485 $540 $560
Lift ticket add-on: $120 + tax 

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PHP Function Test: Lunch Break Details

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